Terra Virtua AMA at t.me/nftroom

Eric: hey @jawadash and @jeffholmberg

Welcome to the NFT room!

Jawad: thank you, good to be here

Eric: Can you first introduce yourselves and your role in Terra Virtua?

Jawad: Hi, so I'm Jawad, I'm the CTO and co-founder of the company

Jeff: Hey all! My name is Jeff Holmberg and I run Strategy at Terra Virtua

Jawad: I'm the tech guy who has built different technology cos in the past, and Jeff is our resident crypto guru

Eric: We have already interviewed Terra Virtua back at the @amaroom. Here is the transcript of that: https://medium.com/exnetwork/terra-virtua-ama-with-gary-bracey-and-jawad-ashraf-at-t-me-amaroom-87bbac2b02e0

Jawad: We have a pretty robust team at Terra with a bunch of skills

Eric: So want to talk more about the product here and the artists' gallery parts.

@jeffholmberg @jawadash Can you describe a typical playthru of someone playing Terra Virtua?

Jeff: Certainly

Terra Virtua is a NFT marketplace and immersive ecosystem, allowing you to trade, display, share and interact with your collectibles within PC, mobile, and (soon) VR environments.

We focus on the problem of viewership in relationship to NFTs

Jawad: we wanted a complete experience of ownership, but also to engage with all types of users, crypto, and non-crypto

Eric: would you have images of terra virtua in-game that highlights this part of the experience?

Jawad: well the way we are working is to let you purchase the NFT, but then have a way to view your art in 3d, in mobile, VR.

By in-game you mean?

Jeff: Sure, if you give it a minute or two, I actually just uploaded the walkthrough

Eric: yes. would be cool to see how it looks in-game

Jawad: ah, the experience, got you

Eric: in the meantime. Can you tell us whats the tech stack on the game itself @jawadash? how many concurrent users can it handle?

Jawad: ok sure, so basically we use fbx models for our 3d objects

and the stack is built in amazon using microservices, with a different set of technologies for the APIs

Eric: It's working across various platforms correct?

Jawad: the system is designed to handle 100k concurrent users before it scales

and we made a point of stress testing the daylights out of it

Eric: Take a look at this and see how great this platform is.

damn impressive.

Jawad: the main system services android, 3d desktop, oculus, and web

, and it's the same models we serve up in every environment

Jeff: And for those that are collectors, we are built on the ETH chain

Jawad: basically the idea was to be super cross compatible


Eric: So users can collect art and display it inside the platform. Can they do anything with the NFT items or art?

Jawad: yes, and also we are aiming to make it open within the next couple of months

in terms of art, ill let Jeff explain the gallery and what we are doing in the space

this part is close to his heart

Jeff: Here is an easier link to a walkthrough: https://vimeo.com/471773284/10e202ef03

Jawad: and this is specifically the art part:


Jeff: Art is a very exciting venture for us. As mentioned before, we wanted to solve the problem of viewership. Art is meant to be hung on a wall, not be viewed as a thumbnail in a wallet!

Eric: @jeffholmberg how does new NFT art gets put on the platform? can anyone do it or only partners?

Jeff: If you watch our video links above, you will see how we give collectors a real gallery type feel to view and organize their artworks

As of right now, we are meticulously curating artists on the platform one at a time

If there are artists that are interested in listing their art for sale on Terra Virtua, I would encourage them to join our Discord and either reach out to myself or Russ

Eric: will it get more open at some point or you need to control quality forever?

Jawad: if they are traditional artists (new to digital), we work with them even to animate their work, like Nick Percival. We recently did auctions of his work around Judge Dredd and Hellraiser

Eric: Woah. u got pictures of what u made for him?

Jawad: ultimately it'll be more like a DAO

let me grab some links

its beautiful stuff

Jeff: It will definitely get more open as time moves along, but we are focused on quality. We feel other platforms can be quite cluttered and riddled with a lot of low-level quality

Eric: So @jeffholmberg what are your main duties as Chief strategy office of Terra Virtua?

jawad: https://opensea.io/assets/0xf095c2e133c15c69f147e6f9688465b27ca3063d/1603/



Jeff: My main duties are to help keep Terra Virtua ahead of the curve in an ever-changing blockchain ecosystem. This also could include different functionalities on the platform, use cases / defi elements / staking for our token TVK releasing very soon

Eric: Congrats on the token design. it's really a solid utility token

Jawad: And Jeff actually keeps us honest and closer to the community

Eric: haha I bet

Jeff: lol in more ways than one!

Jawad: in terms of understanding what people want

Eric: So what do users do with these NFT art pieces? do they sell it at opensea or do some keep it in their gallery?

Jawad: They can currently resell in Terra, and as we are not open yet (coming soon), we have run some auctions on the open sea

to reach the wider community

many will keep them in their Gallery

Jeff: Users can also use our mobile app on android devices to take pics and videos with their art in AR!

Jawad: like our Jeff here has over 14k NFTS

sitting in his wallets

Eric: nice lol

Jawad: something like the gallery will let collectors exhibit their art

Eric: Okay, we will open the floor for the NFT Room community to ask about the project!

Community AMA

Q: How does Terra Virtua deal with the high costs of doing transactions on the Ethereum layer? any solution at the moment?

A: We are already In the process of working with Matic. That should be completed within 60 days

Q: NFTs are also popular on BInancesmartchain and others, does Terra Virtua plan to look at these other blockchains?

A: Yes Matic first, and then others, we are talking to Binance too at the moment

Q: How your staking model works? And how encourage you the user to do staking in Terra Virtua?

A: We are going to have a program called “Prestige” that will offer rewards for staking our token TVK. HIGHLY encourage you to stay in tune with our TG or Discord channel for more information on this very soon

Q: What do you think is the biggest problem Terra Virtua will solve which is not solved by other projects and why this is the problem important?

A: Having multiple ways to enjoy your digital asset, right now, you buy, you trade, you cant interact. We feel that is so important. And more utility makes is more than just a speculative investment

Q: I’m a developer, and I’m interested in contributing to your project alongside earning, Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for vulnerabilities

A: Join our TG or Discord channels and chat with the mods on this.

Q: How many rewards campaigns could Terra Virtua run in the near future? Do you want to attract more users to your ecosystem?

A: We will be running multiple campaigns, and there will be regular rewards as part being part of our Prestige Club (to be announced soon)

Q: How long will it take for the new $ TVK to trade? What is the maximum supply? Circle supply? Thank you!

A: We are releasing the tokenomics of this very soon, as within the next 7–10 days soon. Stay informed through our channels for the Medium article link

Q: supply of $ TVK, so as to increase its intrinsic monetary values?

A: Check my answer just above this one!

Q: Almost every investor is interested in large defi projects as it delivers high returns and is fast. For what reasons can convince small and large investors to trust and invest in your project?

A: We have been building this for 3 years, and invested time in building a real product and ecosystem, which will evolve and grow. It's a rare thing with a product and a team which crosses crypto and non-crypto — who have built successful companies before

Q: What other wow factors does Terra offer aside from the virtual art gallery and collectibles, technically the NFT values can only be enjoyed within Terra itself no? How do you compare yourself with RARI for ex?

A: We are updating our blockchain contracts to allow for full interoperability within two months. Therefore, you’ll be able to include your old collectibles into our fan cave, art gallery, and terra dome as well

Q: I’m interested in contributing to Terra Virtua, Do you have any Global Ambassador Program, if yes, how do I apply?

A: We are shaping this program just now, please DM me, and ill put you in touch with someone to talk about it

Q: Do you have a Global ambassadorial Program or Referral Reward System? Do I get any benefit from holding $ TVK token for the long — term?

A: Answered a similar question just above this one! Stay in tune on our channel for more information on our super fun staking program called “Prestige”

Q: Marketing is very important for every project, what is your strategy to attract new users and investors to the project and keep them long term? Can you tell the benefits of long-term investors for holding tokens?

A: Our brand partners are directly promoting us. This is huge. If you Paramounts Godfather Twitter for example you will see they talk about us

Q: How will you attract potential users to your platform considering that it is powered by blockchain?

A: Ultimately blockchain is the plumbing. We are focused don't he product and user experience

Q: It seems you have many license agreements. What do you think Terra Virtue will engage with playmakers of the gaming world in near future?

A: Great question. We have already explored conversations with gaming entities and other influencers. This is an area that we are paying attention to very closely

Q: Will Terra Virtua also interface with rarible one day, or are you planning only to integrate with Opensea?

A: Yep we will be open and so can interoperate.

Q: I remember you told me that you were looking for an artist to work with. Still valid? What is your revenue offer for artists or art studios? Sold-more-paid-more is your model?

A: We are in line with super rare, Nifty, etc. It is not a popularity contest when it comes to selling art, and the commissions/royalties are preset regardless if you sell a 1 of 1, of 20 of 20 items.

Q: DeFi, Staking, and Yield Farming are hot topics right now in our Crypto Space, My question is, did you make this project only for the short term because of these hot topics? Do you have a long term plan for this project?

A: not sure this question is for us. We don't do any of these hot topics as part of our core offering :)

Q: Can anyone with the necessary knowledge make art through NFTs? I have always wondered if this technology is favorable for small artists

A: If you can make great art, you can make a great NFT. MInting it and having it available is not the difficult part

Q: One of the biggest issues for dapps is onboarding. What solutions have Terra Virtua team found to try to resolve this problem?

A: We have focussed on making a really really friendly onboarding method, that even non-crypto people can use, and our metrics show it's working pretty well. We are taking community feedback all the time

Q: How will you attract potential users to your platform considering that it is powered by blockchain?

A: We focus on intellectual property licenses that are popular in the traditional space, as well as to crypto collectors

Q: supply of $ TVK, so as to increase its intrinsic monetary values?

A: There will be a medium article posted shortly explaining the vesting and metrics

and guys if you have more questions, do please join our discord and telegram

where we can dig in further

Closing Remarks

Eric: I think that's a wrap! I will open the floor after @jawadash @jeffholmberg invites everyone where to follow Terra Virtua for more info

Jeff: @ERCSU Can I post a link to our TG and Discord channels here?

Jawad: thanks eric!

Eric: by all means

Jawad: and thank you, everyone

Jeff: Join our Discord and stay in touch with us for all information, especially our upcoming token release: https://discord.gg/Sm4wxTG

Jeff: Our Telegram channel: https://t.me/TerraVirtua

Carpe Punctum! Seize every moment.