Combine.Finance AMA with Jeremy at

Eric: Welcome @jeremy027!

Crypto Jeremy: Hello @ERCSU Thank you for having me on your platform

Eric: Glad you took the time to do an AMA with us! I understand $COMB will be listing at Uniswap in a few hours. How are you feeling?

Crypto Jeremy: It’s pretty exciting and a lot of sleepless nights. We all were waiting for this day

Eric: haha I bet. So @jeremy027 please introduce yourself to the AMA room family

Crypto Jeremy: Hi, I'm Jeremy from Combine Finance. I have been in the crypto Since there was a craze of ripple in the community. The speed at which the transaction was happening was insane and big bankers were getting on it. So, talking about me professionally Been a trader on Wall Street before I started to trade for myself. I have trading experience of 16 years along with a few coding lessons that I have learned along the line. Crypto has become my first love due to its nature of swings and opportunities available for all of us here.

Eric: Interesting history there.

Can you explain Combine Finance to our community?

Crypto Jeremy: Yup I’ll keep it simple and short

A Decentralized community-driven DeFi protocol emphasizes on Staking and Governance with limited supply. The decisions and actions of Combine Finance are made by its members and community to assure equity and fairness for all.

Staking/Farming, Governance, and vaults are going to be integrated we have a really low supply. We are really excited with the advanced pool since there are already 2 projects on the line

Eric: What notable features does Combine Finance have?

Crypto Jeremy:

1. Staking is by providing liquidity you can earn comb token there are 5 pools for now. The majority can be earned through staking comb-eth lp via uniswap. (Tutorial will be distributed)

2. Advanced Pools — the place where new coins or developers can come and allow us to mine their coin through comb token in exchange for our readymade platform. There are criteria to be on the platform. Already working with two developers on it.

3. Vaults — so yearn finance was a pioneer in it. It employs strategies to automate the best yield farming opportunities that are available. There's a lot of platforms that offer different ROI for lending and borrowing keeping collateral in check. Vault is like a pool of money finding the best ROI and deploying the funds to generate the best returns.

These are some of the features We have taken from what’s the best that’s going on in the Defi space right now. Governance where it will be by the people who will decide to drive the growth of our platform.

Eric: So It has a token called $COMB, what does it do?

Crypto Jeremy: The function currently would be to farm by providing liquidity and a voting mechanism will be in place. We are starting with farming currently.

Eric: Total Supply Combine Finance (COMB) 10,000 tokens. what are your plans in terms of the token dynamic going forward?

Crypto Jeremy: The 10k supply will be the only supply that’s going to be available. The early holders can rake in more benefits due to various additions on the platform.

Eric: How fast will all these be mined? are there token burns in the plan?

Crypto Jeremy: This is where it's interesting. it won’t be a pump or a dump coin. the tokenomic and the minting function was designed in such a way that it should reward the long term investors who can hold this coin via farming. To reach the total supply it will take 1 year. No, there’s no burn model in the plan. Since the token supply is already minimum.

Eric: Most investors always question liquidity, because it is one thing to convince investors. How much / how much is the allocation for liquidity and is that liquids locked? If properly locked, how long will it take?

Crypto Jeremy: That’s a great question. We were questioned by multiple people for our credibility. Just to prove that we are in for a long haul. We have decided to lock in the liquidity for a year via It will be shared with the community. 150 Eth/500 Comb will be locked.

Eric: Can you describe current Combine Finance Achievements and what big plans will be in the future?

Crypto Jeremy: We got our platform ready for staking you can check our farming website The whole process of reaching here in front of your audience and getting an interview session with you is an achievement for us as a team. The plan as we speak the next on the pipeline is to add more projects on our platform. We are already working with 2 devs to get their token on our advance pool. The governance and Vault will be integrated simultaneously.

Eric: ok. time for community questions

Crypto Jeremy: Alright!

Community AMA

Q: How much feedback have Combine Finance received so far?
What changes have you made based on that feedback?

A: We have received much feedback from our community members and considered everything we have adapted ourselves as per those suggestions. The major one was regarding liquidity which we decided to lock for a year

Q: Talking about security, have you conducted an audit on the Combine Finance smart contract to ensure it has no flaws and ensure the safety of the #CombineFinance platform?

A: We have done an audit earlier from a freelancer as we started with our own money. Didn’t think we would raise the presale money so quickly. Once on the mainnet, we will conduct another professional audit report from a credible source.

Q: Why does your team choose to remain anonymous? During the preparation of many projects, their labor was undermined and attacked. Are you experiencing this fear?

A: The reason is simple Andre cronje himself says the biggest mistake he did was not to remain anonymous. The defi space is filled with the blurry lines when it comes to law. We don’t know what’s down the road. If the government decided to impose restrictions on us. Also, being a citizen of a country that follows strict norms. So, need to consider those things.

Q: Can you explain more about the Advance Pools feature in Comb Finance? How will the community contribution to the success of the Pool?

A: Advanced pool will benefit the comb token holder. Any developer can approach us fulfilling our basic criteria. Once that met. they can come and list their token on our platform. Later, all Comb holder can mine their coin in exchange for our platform.

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? And what influence will we have on the crypto industry due to the project? A: Andre Cronje and Chef nomi, They both have done something extraordinary. We want to become a valuable project that is why we are getting and integrating features that are working with these projects.

Q: DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us? Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system? What’s your project Approach towards DeFi?

A: Defi is hot until it's not. Unless it's controlled by people and not by the organization it will thrive. If there’s a face government can get hold of and shut it down which will influence the price of that token or company. That can disappoint a lot of investors. So, yes unless it's completely defi it can thrive.

Q: Will users with Combine Finance be able to Stake on Multiple Platforms to earn extra on COMB tokens? What privileges will COMB investors benefit from the ecosystem?

A: Yup absolutely correct, people can earn via comb token from multiple pools that will be introduced in our advance pools. They will have the voting rights and The holders of comb token will be incentivized via vault once its integrated.

Q: Total amount of supply: 10,000 COMB
Is a certain part of this amount allocated to team members? Could Combine plan to migrate to its own mainnet infrastructure in the future?

A: No, plans as such right now. as we speak.

Q: How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you with the development of the project?

A: It’s a really important community that makes the project.

Closing Remarks

Eric: That wraps up our AMA with!

@jeremy027 please invite the community to your telegram and other channels

Crypto Jeremy: Thanks @ERCSU for such an amazing opportunity to present our company in front of your audience. You can join us on @combinefinance we are going to be listed in an hour's time. Thanks once again

Eric: Awesome. Thanks, everyone for tuning in!



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