Autonio Foundation AMA with Ali Raheman and Tobias Kirmes at

** Latest Update from the team: Autonio Migrates to Elrond!**

Jc: Welcome @koermiz , @rahemanAli

koermiz: Hey, good to be here!

Ali: Glad to be here.

Jc: Please introduce about yourself to our community

Ali: I’m Ali Raheman I inherited a passion for science, medicine, invention and acquired a taste for entrepreneurship and product designing. Every summer since I was 15 was spent working on a project tackling a problem that mattered most at the time. This lead to, the creation of a dozen projects which enriched me with priceless experience of success, team building, management skills, patents, and most importantly failure. The focus of my projects was in different fields such as AI, AR/VR, Autonomous mobility, Healthcare, blockchain, DeFi solutions.

koermiz: Hi, my name is Tobias. I am one of the core members of the Autonio Foundation. My background is mainly Project Management and Engineering in the field of Industry Automation. I’ve followed Autonio since around November 2017, quite shortly after I “got hit” by the cryptovirus. Time went by, and I got more and more involved with the project got an Admin in the main chat and Community Manager sometime after that. I am really happy today that I decided to accompany the project on its journey until today.

Jc: So, What was your first experience with crypto? How you guys came into this field?

Ali: So I’ve been a P2P lender, and trader since back in 2013–14. I personally was very fascinated by the potential and promise blockchain held and have worked on many decentralized solutions and projects ever since.

koermiz: Was hearing about Bitcoin way earlier, but to my own shame I never really took quite serious, until I read more about it. But the nail in the coffin for me was as I learned more about Ethereum and the possibilities it provided.

Jc: Please tell us about the Autonio Foundation, and what are it’s goals?

Ali: We’re an early stage DAO with a vision to build a prosperous community around algorithmic trading. The project was founded in 2017, with the goal to automate trading and offer a more profitable and secure trading experience

We’re developing tools and infrastructure to enable developers to build and users to exploit powerful auto trading tools, copy other traders, participate in trading competitions, and generate passive returns. NIOX Suite is our toolset and its aim is to empower the anyone that is involved in DeFi creating autonomous systems to navigate the crypto markets with profitability, privacy, and ease

koermiz: We also have a Linux-like approach to development: we want to become the go-to platform when it comes to accessing some trading tool or feature or service, through decentralization, opensource collaboration and providing a common platform where any trading module could be easily plugged in.

Jc: Which direction is planned for the Project to develop in the future?

Ali: We undertook a rebrand and relaunch for the token and the project, breathing new life into it. As mentioned we’re transitioning into a decentralized organization and our preparing the release of our toolset — NIOX Suite. We have some exciting partnerships lined up that will expose our products and services to a wide audience focussing initially on NIOX Maker — a multi-chain market making solution.

Jc: Can we use these tools on both centralised and decentralised exchanges?

Ali: That’s right. Our focus is on servicing the decentralized ecosystem — we started off with one of the first trading bot integrations with BitShares, and we’re gearing up to do the same with some other decentralized protocols. However, we do support centralized exchanges.

Jc: Cool! Tell us about NIOX. How many are there in circulation, what can I do with it and where can they be purchased?

koermiz: The total supply of NIOX is 300,000,000 tokens with over 105,000,000 NIOX currently staked. The circulating supply is around 27,000,000 NIOX. Our token economics document outlines the complete distribution and allocation of NIOX token and can be found on our website

Trading Symbol: NIOX

Token Type: Staking/Utility/Governance

Decimals: 4

Total Supply: 300,000,000

Circulating Supply: 27,005,750

Staked/Locked Supply: 105,753,233.9

it can be purchased on the following exchanges:





▫️ Digifinex NIOX/ETH

▫️Digifinex NIOX/BTC

Jc: What makes the things you build unique?

Ali: We’re introducing a cross-chain decentralized market making protocol which hasn’t been done right yet, the implications of which are significant for the entire DeFi ecosystem. We’re teaming up with some of the big names to bring to you the best of the best tools and services. People will find out more about the partnerships and investments we’ve been working on over the next couple of weeks.

koermiz: We’re also partnered with SingularityNET — the pioneers of decentralized AI. Their infrastructure and expertise offer us the edge we need to bring Machine Learning to our Market Maker.

Jc: Can’t wait to hear about those partnership announcements.

What are the incentives of investing in your Token?

koermiz: NIOX Staking offers to decrease inflationary rewards to all stakers and the ability to participate in the governance of the project and become a DAO member. Holding NIOX also offers reduced exchange fee and higher market making rebates on our own smart dex in the future.

Ali: As a governance token, users with 300,000 NIOX can become stakers and join the NIOX DAO.

In terms of utility,

You can use it to access NIOX Suite, receive annual staking rewards and participate in the governance as a member of the DAO. This project is built for the community and relies heavily on the participation and involvement of the community.

koermiz: We are really glad to have one of the biggest Layer 2 developers to join us in a close partnership, but more on that later this week.

Jc: I can see a lot of supply was already staked

Ali: Yes sir, we have a close-knit group with a many day 1 supporters that see the passionate team and potential this project has.

Jc: My last question, Can you briefly describe what is NIOX Suite?

koermiz: NIOX Suite is a toolset Autonio Foundation has been working on since its inception. The toolset currently includes a SmartDEX, a trading terminal, a market maker and a testnet DAO. Future updates will include decentralized AI (powered by SingularityNET) a mainnet DAO and lot more.

Ali: Our current focus is offering market making tools to enable liquidity mining and passive revenue generation for all users benefiting — the users, the token projects, and exchange protocols on which decentralized market making is being undertaken.

The toolset and technology we’re providing is much needed by exchanges and traders which are the backbone of the crypto & DeFi ecosystem. By servicing them and aligning with them through key partnerships, we will be able to tap into their larger userbase and offer a valuable service.

Jc: I am a trader. There is a lot of automated trading going on the exchanges. We definitely need a tool like NIOX suite. Very excited to try it!

Community AMA

Q: How has the Autonio Foundation been financed so far to develop and become an autonomous organization, and are there other organizations providing financial support to your organization?

A: We’ve been able to sustain the project for over 3 years thanks to the relentless support of our community. We made it through the crypto winter also with the help of some private investors and the passion we all have for the project. Our team has access to development resources through our partner companies and the team has dedicated funds over the years to sustain and grow the project.

Q: I got excited by the NIOX AI, how can it be properly integrated and ensure profitability while preventing me from excessive liquidation, also explain more about the NIOX DEX.

A: Thanks to the support of experts like Ben Goertzel with decades of experience in AI and trading related usecases of AI — we will have an AI submarketplace within our platform that will allow developers, data scientists to provide AI agents that enhance a traders performance. Through our marketplace dApp users will be able to buy/sell the best models and plug them into their terminal for more profitable trading experience.

NIOX exchange is a 0x protocol based exchange.

Q: Can you explain more about your Staking & Governance? I’m interested in joining your DAO, how do I become a DAO maker and what benefits will I derive from joining?

A: You can become a DAO member by staking 300.000 NIOX. Besides getting your staking rewards, you will also have a say in the direction the project is going, and you will be able to trade fee-less on our own smartDEX. For more information check out our token economics.

Q: The theory behind DAOs is “Wisdom of the crowds”, however, current DAOs are faced with the issue of low participation, so if just a few insiders are voting, the core concept is flawed. How do you aim to encourage users in becoming a DAO maker? Are there mouthwatering incentives that will encourage people in participating?

A: Great question. We carry the core values of “Prosperism” and “Crowdocracy” along with us. And we’re taking a different approach to the traditional plutocratic DAO structures. Our unique approach to governance and a heavy focus on participation gives us the ability to create a DAO that adds value to the project rather than slowing down or coming in the way of the project.

Q: Due to LEVERAGE TRADING, lots of dollars keep getting liquidated, so how can @AI_Autonio be of solutions to us on multiple exchanges, would you have an API That can be linked to my exchanges?

A: Our tools are linked via API to your account on the exchange. The API Keys are locally stored on your computer. We don’t gather that information at all. It also has some safety futures inbuilt that will prevent you from encountering a too big of a loss at rapid market movements.

Q: Is a AUTONIO platform for professional traders? What is the effect that ordinary investors who are not trading experts can feel from using the AUTONIO platform?

A: Our initial target with NIOX Maker is to allow the average trader to participate in trading campaigns that generate passive revenue through liquidity mining campaigns or other yield farming strategies.

NIOX Suite also features advanced tools for professional traders and developers to build and deploy custom trading algorithms and also the ability to lease trading strategies/algorithms and trading services such as portfolio management, trading consultancy, and more. So the average trader and the professional trader both make for important elements of this system.

Q: How can NIOXT project attract non-crypto investor/holder and What is your plan to attract holder/investor where English is not good?

A: The goal is to create tools that are as accessible as possible, meaning, we are trying to make our tools as easy to use as possible. We try to attract new holders and investors by constantly updating our toolset, because we believe that our products are actually that thing that brings value to our project. So our focus mostly always was developing the tools.

Q: What are the fees on NIOX Exchange compared to other exchanges? Is it possible to adjust the price of gas prices in the NIOX Exchange?

A: Atm it is free to use. Since it’s based on the 0x protocol the major fee part will be wrapping your eth, but as soon as you have WETH in your metamask wallet, it is basically free. But best take a look for yourself:

Q: Does NIOX have partnerships with top centralized exchanges? What, then, does a centralized exchange do for NIOX’s success?

A: Yes. We work with most of the top centralized exchanges to integrate their broker APIs that offer market making and trading rebates. Furthermore, will be undertaking joint promotional campaigns & trading events introducing active trader groups to our toolset. Over time we think that these partnerships could potentially entail listings.

Q: Does NIOX have any plans for bundling / integrating with other Dapps? Will there be integration with other DiFi providers for lending, margin trading?

A: Certainly, we are very receptive to exploring partnerships that add value to the ecosystem at large. Considering the nature of our toolset, there certainly is a lot of overlap and potential for collaborations with other projects in the space.

Q: What is a genetic algorithm? How can SingularitNET Machine Learning Algorithms help the professional trader?

A: A genetic algorithm is an algorithm that evolves/adapts based on past outcomes. Those algos can for example support the trader in a way that it adapts to certain market conditions, for example, spread changes for the market maker, on its own to leave the trader more time to focus on the bigger picture of the market.

Q: Many DEXs were successful at first, and then the community loses interest. How does NIOX plan to develop another trend that is more successful? What is the network performance for the exchange, does this protocol have sufficient bandwidth and speed to overcome the latency problems?

A: At the moment our smartDEX is running on the 0x protocol. Some of those dexes were suffering under a lag of liquidity. We tackle this problem by providing an inbuilt market maker, which enables users to provide liquidity to the pairings of their needs.

Closing Remarks

Jc: Thanks for answering all our questions with patience @koermiz ,@rahemanAli

Could you invite us to your telegram group?

koermiz: Sure, please all join

If there are any further question feel free to ask there

Please also follow our Twitter account to stay updated:

Ali: Thank you all for your questions! And Thanks @Jcv116 for having us. We’re all excited about what’s next for our project and we would love to have you all join us on our journey.

koermiz: And thank you for having us for this AMA session!

Jc: Thanks for inviting us! If we have more questions we will ask in your telegram group.

Once again it’s our pleasure to have you guys here. We will announce the winners of the ama soon! I hope you guys enjoyed this ama session.

Ali: Cheer!

koermiz: Sure, thanks!



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