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Ever since the blockchain took off, gaming has always been a sector which was surely to be improved and disrupted by blockchain. And with NFTs, gaming is surely going to change forever. In the past years, very few gaming titles have emerged until in the middle of 2021. Gaming became the hottest crypto sector and for good reason. Gaming is responsible for onboarding millions of new users, most of which may not even know they are playing a blockchain game. This is crypto adoption at its finest.

Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is driven by (non-fungible tokens) NFTs. These NFTs…

ExNetwork Capital locked on Monsters Clan with latest investment

Exnetwork continues to grow the NFT gaming spectrum with Monsters Clan investment. The team believes in the value of Monsters Clan’s rent NFTs feature as it allows an inclusive ecosystem. This feature strongly aligns with Exnetwork’s goal to push for more innovation and opportunities for the blockchain community. Based on the current landscape and rise of play to earn blockchain games worldwide, Exnetwork forecasts a surge for Monsters Clan in no time.

First ever third person NFT game based Monsters Clan

Exnetwork Capital announces their strategic investment with Instaraise. Exnetwork Capital believes that Instaraise shares the same core values and objectives which is to empower & support incoming projects through fundraising activities and by making it more accessible to all users. Being aware of the challenges of new projects, Instaraise aims to be premier Launchpad for Tezos projects. This partnership will further push the objectives of Exnetwork Capital to be able to reach more projects and bridge the gap between startups and the community.

Instaraise : Raise & exchange capital safely, quickly and have more affordable options.

Similar to Exnetwork, Instaraise…



The term Metaverse was first coined by Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel, Snow Crash, where he describes a virtual world that convenes with reality. In his novel, humans reside and interact with codes via a three-dimensional rendering of the actual world. Today, Metaverse is the term used to describe the theorized shared space where all virtual matter converges with real life.


Concept and Technology

The year is 2620, and by this time, humans, aliens, and androids have built their own civilizations and named you an important influencer in intergalactic politics. While that sounds like the…


Since the first crypto token emerged, cryptocurrencies have been in a never-ending melee in efforts to become the dominant token in DeFi. The OG Bitcoin ($BTC) continues to hold the top spot, as has done so since its launch in 2009. However, emerging tokens are catching up to BTC, with Ether ($ETH) running in close second, and Cardano ($ADA) following suit.


Since launching in 2009, cryptocurrencies have come a long way in just over a decade of existence. Going from one initial cryptocurrency to over 4,000 individual tokens, cryptocurrency has grown into a USD2.48 …


From Satoshi Nakamoto to Beeple, the world of cryptocurrency is constantly expanding. Non-fungible Tokens, better known as NFTs, are redefining views on the practicalities of blockchain technology, as NFTs broaden the field to integrate real-world concepts, like arts, music, and games, into the digital space.


As far as crypto trends go, NFT has proven itself to be one of the main use cases along with DeFi. While some investors are wary of NFT’s scalability and low liquidity, others see NFT as an avenue to expand blockchain technology with further developments in various fields like art, licenses…


Between 2009 andnow, Bitcoin mining has been called a “lucrative hobby” for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The initial rewards of earning 50BTC for every 10 minutes of mining the token was an attractive payout for many, and the boom of the crypto industry just fueled more miners to start earning their own valuations, and trade their tokens for profit.

Majority of crypto trading is done within networks like Ethereum, and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). These platforms provide unparalleled access to crypto trading tools, transaction networks, and even NFT investments without the need for an intermediary to conduct exchanges. …

PolkaTrail is a travel experience platform incubated by Exnetwork Capital

Since the early 21st century, travel has evolved from a rich man’s luxury to a common escape and treat for everyday folks. This saw the rise of booming of the entire travel industry from transportation to accommodations. One of the biggest innovations in travel in the recent decade has been in the accommodations sector with Airbnb spearheading it. It allowed everyday folks to share their homes to short term travelers. This basically opened up thousands, if not millions of new accommodation alternatives. Some of these provide even better travel experiences than luxury hotels.

Although the Covid19 pandemic briefly put the…

At the start of 2021, the NFT hype skyrocketed. This was the first time non crypto natives have been exposed in a significant way. NBA Topshots was a clear influencer in making this happen. We can say that this was the 1.0 version of things. Within the NFT space, there are still tons of innovation to be made. One of the most common ones is fractionalizing NFTs. …

International trades have been around since modern man started exploring outside of their homelands. For millennia, people have traded thousands of types of goods, from spices and textiles, to abstracts like knowledge and even services. With the introduction of foreign currency market, cash, too, had become a traded commodity of sorts.

FX Market and Crypto

Foreign exchange is one of the oldest concepts known in modern civilization, and is regarded as the biggest financial market to date. The Foreign Exchange (FX/FOREX) Market is one of the most liquid financial markets in the world, valued at over $1.93 Quadrillion with an…


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