ΣTBOT AMA with Dr. Anna Becker and Adam Rubin

Eric: Welcome @DrAnnaBecker @adamrubin @Goodmitry @yososo from Endotech / Etbot!

Adam: Hi Everyone, a pleasure to be here and speak with you all today!

Eric: We stray from the usual token/coin projects to dive into a product that could be interesting for some of us busy folks in crypto.

Dmitry: Hi everyone! Thanks @ERCSU for having us here

Anna: Hi Everyone, it’s a real pleasure to be here and talk with you!

Eric: Please introduce yourselves.

Soso: @ERCSU thanks for hosting us here.

Adam: So my name is Adam Rubin, my position is VP of Sales for the company. My duties are to take care of all new retail & institutional connections and clients, and also to drive the future business development of the company (strategic partnerships, distributing deals etc).

Dmitry: I’m the COO and Co-Founder of the company, responsible for all the ongoing operations and business development.

Soso: My name is Joseph Shaftal, and I am in charge of retail clients here at ETBot.

Anna: My name is Anna Becker, I’m CEO and founder of the Endotech (Etbot). I hold PhD in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence so I’m responsible for the algorithms and technology behind the scenes.

Eric: @DrAnnaBecker can you describe Etbot in your own words?

Anna: ETBOT was designed for traders with minimal experience. And simple computer skills is all one needs to connect the bot to an exchange.

ETBOT represents our first stand alone, automated, retail platform. Providing automated single coin crypto strategies. We wanted a place for new clients to gain confidence, get to know us, and grow further into our institutional abilities at EndoTech. ETBOT provides the lowest possible barrier to entry for our services.

Eric: Describe what they can do with Etbot vs. your institutional offerings.

Adam: For institutional accounts we work on larger balances, they have further specific order execution methodology and risk control elements.

Also via ETBOT you have the lowest barrier to entry for any retail client. There is no profit share, only the basic subscription to connect for X time to our available strategies.

Eric: Got it. Trading bots are available dime a dozen, how is your better/different?

Anna: We are not a typical “bot”. We not only offer signals, or automated execution from your computer, but a full cycle execution of the orders.

Our market proven tactical breakout methodology is powered by genuine AI and a pedigree experienced team.

The core assumption of the ΣTBOT strategies is continuous high volatility of crypto in the near future. Our strategies will take both long and short positions based on possible explosive breakouts.

Eric: How frequently does the bot trade?

Anna: Our strategies are based on a four hourly updating cycle.

As our systems are continuously hunting for tactical breakouts, we see an average of just over 90 trades per year, per strategy.

Eric: How are you compared to hodl?


Whereas a HODLER you stand in front of a potential 94% loss, and extreme market risks, our ETBOT “Buy & Take Profit” system can reduce market risk of 94% to just 28%, while at the same time keeping returns potentials at the 100 to 1000% per annual term.

Eric : Very cool. How much time to be profitable with etbot?

Anna: Within a single annual term we aim to be profitable for our clients.

We offer tactical investment strategies that are based on trend methodology. We aim to enter every LARGE (10%; 50%) trend at the beginning of it, and not to exit in the middle. We utilize AI-led smart filters to detect false breakouts and not to miss real trends. Accordingly, AI-driven systems look for intelligent price entry points, exits and stop losses.

Eric: How much total AUM (funds) do we currently have for retail/institutional?

Adam: Approximately 4.5M growing at a rate of 500K or more per month.

Our institutional AUM levels are private.

Eric: This is for retail only?

Adam: That is correct.

Eric: Any vague range? Billions? Hundred millions?

Adam: Not yet.

Eric: Haha fair enough. Who are your clients?

Adam: We currently distribute to over thirty countries globally.

Our existing retail clients come mostly from strategic distribution partners, publicly traded companies, and networks of connected groups.

Anybody that is wanting to get into crypto, anyone previously with a negative experience. Anyone wanting full control and custody of their funds and accounts at all times.

Anyone who likes how our strategies perform and want to take those results in real time to their own privately held exchange accounts.

Eric: What are some partnerships current and pending?

Adam: We currently have multiple avenues of partnerships running; from our EndoTech Seed A round, to our multi-year retail partner deals which guarantee us at least 500 new clients per month direct to ETBOT/retail services.

We also have projects in stealth mode and gaining funds, projects that once launched can benefit the entire system through interesting new ideas and technological abilities.

Via our social media channels, you can find all of our company updates, regular release notes, and further materials.

Eric: How has ETBOT evolved over the past couple of years? I understand it had a rough early years.

Adam: As a company we have always relied on ourselves first. We successfully bootstrapped the company since day one, using positive business revenues from day one to re-invest in our own tools, technology and team.

We had issues in early days of exchange based execution delays, such as bad slippage, high fees and poor API connections.

Since we are coming from traditional markets such as stocks and equities it did take some time for us to adapt and optimize our systems. Our clients are together with us for this journey.

Eric: What’s next for the company and tech?

Adam: We have had massive progress in just the last year alone, as we grew closer to the larger exchanges, improved greatly our execution reduced trading slippage and gained unlimited API abilities to further scale.

Anna: Our aim is to continue taking our tech to further higher levels. We believe as a team that we can generate the future of “super intelligence”. Taking our AI away from human based rules, and allowing the machine itself to set it’s own boundaries. We believe this will allow us to rise away from the sea of other algo models, and further dominate with increased bottom line returns.

We are also highly interested in various markets such aas stocks, forex and equities. Our road map plans have us set to enter new markets and release further system updates and strategies as our user base and combined retail & institutional AUM increases.

Community AMA

Q: If the client’s P&L is negative, do you provide any refunds/compensation or not?

A: No, we are a transparent software provider who publishes results live.
There are no guarantees per trade or account. Crypto is a high risk market. Our methodology is based on high risk, high return.

You must be able to understand that risk, and afford it, in order to use our services. We aim to be profitable for our clients within one annual term.

To date we have not failed to be profitable for any client who has been connected for at least one annual term.

Q: There are already many bots IN THE MARKET, can you give me 3 top reasons why I should use ETBOT. Would we need KYC too?

How can ETBOT help me in ARBRITAGE TRADING and make more profits?

A: 1. fully automated hands-free execution
2. proven and transparent trading performance
3. safe fund custody

You need to open account with one of the exchanges — so yes, you will need KYC there.

We currently do not offer ARBITRAGE style of trading, rather tactical investment, though we plan to add it to our services later this year.

Q: Is this a platform for professional traders? What is the effect that ordinary investors who are not trading experts can feel from using the ETBot platform?

A: This service is a transparent and fully automated.

It can be used by beginners or experts. You can grow a single account, or raise an entire portfolio of connections and strategies with us.

By using our market proven systems, and long term consistent results, any style of trader or investor can increase their USD bottom line, or even accumulate more bitcoin using our new cross pair strategies. Plus ability to offer it to retail clients as we offer highly scalable solution (technologically).

Q: In order for an investor to choose a tool to help them trade, it is most important to maintain the confidentiality of account information. But when choosing ETBot Trade we can trade on different exchanges which increasing liquidity. So do we need to provide exchange API? Are there a lot of risk to security for us?

A: This is something that truly sets us apart from the competition.

Our service is a client based custody solution. We do require API keys from your exchange account, but only for trading purposes. Only you the client may withdraw or deposit. The API keys are limited for execution ability only.

The only risk to you is the risk of keeping your own personal account information and passwords safe.

Q: You’re using AI bots for trading, but the fact is that bots doesn’t guarantee 100% profit. So, why do we need bot, do you see it as the ideal solution to always get winning trades?

A: Whereas a HODLER you stand in front of a potential 94% loss, and extreme market risks, our ETBOT “Buy & Take Profit” system can reduce market risk of 94% to just 28%, while at the same time keeping returns potentials at the 100 to 1000% per annual term.

We are aiming to be profitable at the end of the year.

Q: Are you charging the users for trading tools and on data dynamics? What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

A: We charge only a basic subscription fee at ETBOT, this fee covers the amount of time that you can enjoy our live results in your connected accounts.

Our advantage is of course our progressive returns, along with our ability via genuine AI to filter the noise of the market, avoid market manipulation and continue to provide our positive annual results for clients.

Q: Marketing is the leading factor that help the project thrive. So what is your strategy to attract users and Investor to ETBOT in the long term?

A: We rely on positive client referral first and foremost. Since day one we actually didn’t spend anything on marketing, relying instead on our results, transparency and quality of team to grow our name and reputation.

As we also have institutional clients from family offices to owners of funds and exchanges, we have unique ability to partner for distribution of our software to future clients.

We have many industries such as online network referrals that really benefit from stable and consistent performance with long term results.

We can turn unhealthy systems into healthy ones. We can recover fees paid and earn profits. We can do all this in real time, from an account that only the client controls.

You decide the amount of risk you want to take on to gain further returns. You decide on which strategies you connect to. We are here to support you, help you grow and bring further positive growth to your funds in play.

We are here for the long long term.

Q: The volatility in the Crypto sector is very high, for this reason, responsible risk management should be an active part of any company that accepts crypto as payment for goods and services. Does EndoTech provides consulting and active hedging services for those with this risk in the Crypto sector? If yes could you explain more about this?

A: We currently offer consulting and Hedging Services for institutional clients, to help them create customisable portfolios and hedging for the mining operations. On the retail side — we keep stop loses limited to 4 hours moves while keep riding profits for days and weeks.

Q: Most traders and investors have poor risk management and would willingly go for a bot that knows how to manage risk perfectly. So, how do you manage various kinds of risk (trading risk, market risk) with ETBOT?

A: We agree with you, risk management is the key to successful trading. We have proper entry and exit mechanisms in play to minimize the risks factors involved. Crypto as a young market has many risks — exchange, execution, liquidity, systematic, hodle, etc our system reduce execution, systematic, hodler so nobody can completely eliminate the risk in the crypto market the best anyone can do is minimize it.

Q: What percentage of the market do you believe you can capture with Etbot’s solution ? Do you have any user count targets for the next few years based on the above?

A: There are two types of people, Crypto people and non Crypto people. We were designed for people who are new to crypto currencies and are looking for a way to manage crypto volatlity risks.

Moreover, our goal is for most of the crypto community to feel comfortable referring us to their friends and family who are new to crypto.

Finally our systems have been designed to handle massive volumes, and currently we are far far far away from reaching our capacity.

Q: No one can doubt the strength of #Etbot But can you tell us some of the challenges and difficulties you’re presently facing? How can you possibly overcome them?

A: We are facing multiple challenges — starting with technological scaling of the order execution (we are experiencing explosive growth in number of clients, AUM etc), and ending with psychological factors of the clients, that have difficulty accepting long-term trading and losses. Our solutions — is to continue improving our system and to add shorter term strategies in the near futures.

Q: EndoTech claims it offers AI/ML solutions for retail and institutions, could you tell us some of the challenges of Building a world class AI/ML solutions using your experience at EndoTech as a case study and what makes your solution outstanding from similar projects offering the same solution as EndoTech?

A: Most definitely and a great question!

First of all, delivering via API in real time is no easy feat to accomplish. Some of our earliest difficulties and even some that we face today relate mostly to the nature of how the exchanges can provide what we need.

There is a massive amount of time, energy, testing and funds that goes in to working or delivering as we do to any major exchange. We are able due to these efforts to provide for example to our Binance users the lowest trading fees in the market today (purely based on how Binance appreciates our regular volume).

You also must have the right dev team, the right management, experience and contacts of course. Dmitry our Co-Founder was also with Anna at Strategy Runner (the worlds first Institutional trading platform). There the team managed over 100,000 institutional clients. Dmitry is truly one of the most experienced Fintech operators in the world, and Anna is one of the worlds most foremost AI scientists.

Today we still employ a vast amount of that original Strategy Runner team. We have the kind of computing and development power that enables us to generate any system or tool we need in house.

Things such as slippage, market manipulation, liquidity and availability are areas we continuously invest and work on daily, all to ensure we continue growing exponentially along with our results!

Closing Remarks

Eric: Please invite the AMA room to your channels and you can announce anything you like.


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Thank you all so much for those questions and time to answer.

We hope to hear from you all soon, and welcome you to engage with us through any of our social channels or website anytime.

Eric: Thank you everyone!



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